Poppycock is the brainchild of Marley Wittuck, who on one fall evening in 2011, devised an idea to make a short film once a month in an effort to be more creative despite the various personal and professional demands in everyday life.  Enlisting six other creatives working in various capacities in the entertainment business, the group formed around a core tenant to write, produce, and release a short film ranging from 3 to 5 minutes once a month.

Each month, the group rotates roles with one writer, one editor, one cinematographer, one director, and two producers in an effort to give each project a unique voice and look and to allow every member to flex different creative muscles.  On the third weekend of every month, the team goes into production with a general budget of $150 to finance the full production of the short.  The final piece enters post production for around a week with the finished video uploaded to the web by the first of every month.

Poppycock is:
Jamie Bryant
Michael Canale
Rekha Gavini
Matthew Hickney
Phillip Loeb
Phillip Radke
Marley Wittuck