A romantic evening goes awry.

Chaz Ahern
MacKenzie Cleveland

With Original Music by Bobak Shafiei



How well do you really know your neighbors?

Jaz Moore
Matthew Hickney
Jamie Bryant
Phillip Loeb 

The first time you do anything can be pretty tough.

On paper, “Blind Date” seemed like a breeze and we all dove into making this the best short film we could make.  Of course, short films aren’t made on gumption alone.  They take a lot of planning, money, a little more planning, a bit of luck, and some gumption to boot.

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Something to tide you all over until the next release from Poppycock Presents!


Abby plans to meet the perfect guy at a party, but the perfect guy might not be who he says he is…

MacKenzie Cleveland
Phillip Radke
John Kozak
Cat Chengery
Ryan Gerrish
Royston Vasey
Brian Menendez
Alejandra Monrroy


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